Kitchen (design by Lavr Kosovskyi)

Місто Kyiv
Декор 0048 FH Cognak Oak
Artem Postoyankin - HPL Fundermax photo №0
head of furniture department


Now kitchen is not only a place, where people come just to eat. Today it is the central place of the apartment. This is where households come together to devote at least some time with each other. That is why the interior of the kitchen should donate pleasunt to spend time there.
A striking, in the literal sense of the word, example of such a kitchen is the project of the designer Lavr Kosovskyi. Clear lines and bright color. No cliche. Style in every detail.
That is the best description of such a kitchen. One of the decorations is Fundermax worktops. They not only perfectly complemented the designer's plan, but also will perfectly fulfill their function and serve for more than one year. After all, HPL Fundermax is resistant to temperatures and mechanical damage.