"Teply Prostir" kitchen

Місто Ternopil
Декор 0428 NN
Tatiana Bogatyriova - HPL Fundermax photo №0
project manager


The warmth of the house and lovely family - all of this make each of us rush home every day. And every evening, after a busy day, it is so nice to gather in the kitchen with the whole family for a delicious dinner. Or, together with your soulmate, arrange a romantic dinner with a glass of wine. Whatever the evening, the kitchen is the central room in any case. And task №1 is to make it modern, comfortable and functional.

In their project, the Prostir  studio tried to give the kitchen pleasant, warm notes in appearance, and comfort and rationality in the design. For the first part of the plan, designers chose a combination of dark stone and light wooden textures, and for the second, they equipped the kitchen with a functional island and combined the countertop with the window sill. Consequently, the working space was significantly increased. For a complete look, the countertop and kitchen`s island were made of same material - HPL Fundermax.