Smart kitchen

Місто Kyiv
Декор 0080 SX
Artem Postoyankin - HPL Fundermax photo №0
head of furniture department


For 20 years, the 100% Interior studio has been researching and systematizing interior design trends.
There are so many high-quality, colorful, well-made kitchens around. And they are all the same ... And it is clear that people do not need another identical kitchen.

Therefore, they do otherwise. Not like the others ... absolutely not!
Smart kitchen eliminates the possibility of errors
Advantages that are not immediately noticeable, but they prevent 95% of errors, which are usually made by kitchen manufacturers.
Designers wanted to make the kitchen without surplus, roomy and compact. Therefore, they moved the hanging cabinet behind the countertop and turned them into a convenient smart block. It is functionally divided into zones: washing zone, zone for the electrical appliances, cooking zone. A countertop and the entire smart block are made of a single material - HPL Fundermax with 12 mm thick.

Internal mechanisms are the heart of the kitchen, its engine. There is not any facades with hinges, only boxes. 12 of the best BLUM LEGRABOX drawers with aluminum sides in the world.

All external surfaces are made of materials that do not leave fingerprints and which are extremely resistant to damage.