Kitchen Grey&Wood

Місто Chmelnitsky
Декор 0755 SX
Tatiana Bogatyriova - HPL Fundermax photo №0
project manager


Do you know that the kitchens in the houses of the 50-70s are so small because Soviet standards provided for "improving" the process of managing the kitchen and minimizing the movement of the hostess from the stove to the sink, etc.? But if you’ve ever been to such kitchens at least once in your life, then you understand that these are actually small “boxes” where two people are already a crowd!

It’s good that the days of mini-kitchens are over and now the kitchen is a full-fledged area not only for cooking dinner, but also for meeting friends and even, sometimes, work.

A new project from Anton Ostapenko is exactly the case when the area of ​​the kitchen allows you to use it as much as possible: the place for dinners, the meeting place, the bar!
By the way, on the example of the bar counter, you can see the uniqueness of Fundermax Worktops: the material is self-supporting, and given the thickness of 12 mm - it is incomparable!