Restaurant Dinner's (Illinskiy business center)

Місто Kyiv
Декор 0048
Tatiana Bogatyriova - HPL Fundermax photo №0
project manager


A place where you can not only eat delicious food, but also work productively - Dinner's restaurant in Ilyinsky business center. Here Fundermax is widely used for  interior tables.
The interior worktops are made of 30 mm plywood and laminated with 1 mm Fundermax plastic, thus makes stylish tables with decor on the surface and texture at the ends. Thanks to the Soft Touch function, fingerprints will no longer remain on interior tables, which means they will always look neat.
Fundermax worktops were also used to create the washbasin area.
Designers of the project: Natalia Soboleva and Ekaterina Storozhuk
Photo: Nastya Vesnyanka