Office of the VIVAT company

Місто Chernihiv
Декор 0085 White
Artem Postoyankin - HPL Fundermax photo №0
head of furniture department


VIVAT office interior design project, which received the name "Office with traditions".
The use of HPL  panels Fundermax in the impeccable interior design of the VIVAT office gives us a pleasant occasion for joying and being proud in our product. This object used hpl worktops with white and black core for a conference table, tables for a conference room, and the whitest ones in the interior of the kitchen, which turned out to be as cozy as a small coffee-shop somewhere in the city center.
The wooden beech decorative elements in the office kitchen: wall pannels and countertops for bar tables.
Designer Toma Ohrimenko
Photographer Andriy Bezuglov