Fastfood restaurant Hesburger (Zdolbunivska str)

Місто Kyiv
Декор 0417 Apollo FH
Tatiana Bogatyriova - HPL Fundermax photo №0
project manager


Hesburger (Hesburger) - a large fast food restaurants chain, which began its development in Finland and recently reached Ukraine. Today the Hesburger chain is represented by three restaurants in Ukraine: two are located in Kiev and one in Vyshneve. In addition to the culinary traditions of the chain, we have also reached the traditions of the design in the Scandinavian style. Wooden textures, simple and uncluttered forms, calm shades - this is all about Hesburger both in the interior and in the outdoor decoration.
The wooden decor of Fundermax countertops perfectly fits to the surrounding harmony. They not only create the feeling that it is a real tree, but also guarantee a long terms of use, because they are made with high-quality 12 mm HPL panels.