Hygiene of Fundermax countertop

Hygiene of Fundermax countertop

2020-04-07 15:05:42

High-pressure laminates (HPLs) is a multifunctional decorative material used for the construction and furniture industries, flooring and wall decoration in residential, commercial and public spheres, including schools and hospitals.

HPL panels show high strength, durability and special surface properties such as chemical, thermal, bacterial resistance to feet market demands. Typically, HPL panels consist of a set of 5-50 layers of kraft paper (core) saturated with phenol-formaldehyde thermosetting resin coated with a single layer of decorative paper with color or printed pattern and acrylic-polyurethane resin as a finish top. After pressing with high pressure and heat treatment, these layers turn into a single rigid laminated sheet. During this curing process, thermosetting resins undergo a series of crosslinking reactions, creating strong irreversible bonds between the resin matrix and the impregnated layers of paper.


Severe infectious diseases can be acquired not only in hospitals and other medical institutions, but also at home due to cross-contamination from various sources, such as infected people, animals, food and water. In addition, it is known that bacteria persist on surfaces for months, therefore improving the hygienic and antimicrobial properties of laminate surfaces is of paramount importance. Modern approaches to eliminating or reducing the attachment of bacteria to surfaces, i.e., to create antibacterial surfaces, include surface coating and surface modification by physical methods: structuring, for example, and chemical methods - for example, polymerizing a surface with acrylic-polyurethane thermosetting resins, using phenol and formaldehyde for impregnating kraft core paper, which exhibits antimicrobial activity.
Fundermax high-pressure laminate interior panels satisfy all of the above requirements: the panels have a high density (up to 1350 kg / m3) due to which bacteria and pathogenic microflora do not multiply on open ends, acrylic-polyurethane surface FH (Fine Hammer), SX (Saxum)  and NN (Enduro) has a shagreen structure, which prevents the attachment of bacteria.

Despite the use of phenol-formaldehyde resin for the impregnation of core paper craft, the release of these substances is minimal and corresponds to the norm of E0.5. This is confirmed by the Ukrainian sanitary-hygienic conclusion, as well as the international Greengard certificate.

Also, any of the panel coatings is not afraid of acids, alkalis, chlorine-containing liquids and organic solvents. Therefore, the purity on Fundermax panels can be maintained by such household and professional means as Mr. Muscle, Silite, Domestos, ethyl, isopropyl and other alcohols, acetone, butyl acetate, etc.
At the same time, the surface is not damaged even with repeated use, it keeps the dullness or gloss at the same level.