Integrated sinks made with hpl Fundermax

Integrated sinks made with hpl Fundermax

2020-02-24 12:14:22

Innovative technologies are already on the threshold (that is, on countertops) of your kitchens and bathrooms - integrated sinks made with HPL Fundermax!

Integrated sinks made with hpl Fundermax is a new word in the design of kitchen countertops and countertops for the bathroom. Made of the same material, sinks looks like carved directly at the surface of the countertop. And in terms of functionality, it is not inferior to the usual ceramic or metal sinks. And it even wins in some moments. For example, the absence of any seams around the sink promotes cleanliness, because there are no gaps where waste and water can clog.

HPL Fundermax is a material that perfectly withstands the effects of water and temperature differences, so it is advisable to use it for the manufacture of sinks. And not only from a practical point of view.

The main advantage of an integrated sink, made with hpl Fundermax, is usually the design! The sink is made of HPL Fundermax 12 mm thick and with the same decor as the countertop. Thus, the surface turns into a single array, which will certainly become an adornment of the kitchen or bathroom.

Leading European furniture makers have long discovered HPL sinks. The time for domestic colleagues is comming.