'MIA DONNA' kitchen

Місто Dnipro
Декор 0080 FH
Tatiana Bogatyriova - HPL Fundermax photo №0
project manager


The name MIA is a pun, that in combination with the name of the factory Donna, turns to MIA DONNA. From italian it is translates MY WOMAN.

This woman is characteristic and strong, and this is exactly the woman should be nowadays. MIA DONNA is the image of a modern, strong, successful business woman who manages to build a business and to cook delicious dinners for her family.
The kitchen consists of three volumes: an island, a wall module and a closet. The wall-mounted module is the cooking zone: the work surface and the hood are located here, the island is the main working zone: here is the processing and washing zone. The cabinet is the storage system.

The island is more like a workbench or table, and fits well with the new realities of using the kitchen. Now kitchen is not just a place for cooking, it is a point of interest, the core of the house. Kitchen`s island is a table for cooking, and a table for snacks or breakfasts, and a place for work on a laptop, etc.

The black kitchen is diluted with several accent spots of brass. The black planes of the kitchen have different textures: the countertop is a silky HPL panel, the facades are painted with veneer, the metal frame is powder painted. Because of this, it is all different to the touch, it is nice to touch and interact with it.